What is Remote Reiki?


    Reiki is to experience wholism, a complementary relationship of nourishment and restrictions. Reiki is simply Reiki – no words can give a true explanation, as reiki is interchangeable.

    Remote reiki is reiki from afar.


    For a remote reiki session, I use a picture and full name. I offer 20 minutes of intention in nourishing basic goodness of the body and body wholism – Nourishing the hero within the being, by watering the seeds of nature.

    How can Remote Reiki help during the Covid- 19 Maddness?


    Reiki is good for centering, and offers flexibility in high stress situations.

    Many people at this time are experiencing a range of emotion and some emotions simulate mental and physical pain.

    Reiki can offset the anxiety, restlessness, insomnia, stress or fear of the known, and even fear of the known.

    Reiki can also help with change, and allow for winds of kindness, trust and acceptance.


    To say the least receiving Reiki is beneficial even when Covid-19 has moved on.


    What is the cost?


    Treatment are based on donation – pay what you can.


    What happens when I book an appointment?


    We will set a time that works for both of us – I will ask you to sit or lay, without interrupt for 20 minutes, while playing some relaxing music. During that time, it is important to focus on the breath letting go of thoughts, while allowing the breath to surrender to the body – or simply napping on a beach somewhere in your mind.

    Meanwhile, I’m offering Reiki Nourishment!


    Enjoy 20-minutes of Reiki Health in your own home!

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