About Us

No matter who you are, know that you are whole, and you are the one managing your health daily. Working with another is powerful, and the relationship can create a Yin and Yang duality, therefor knowing who you are working with is the importance.

As a Indigenous therapist I understand the importance of looking at the client as a whole. Meditation allows me to listen to nature, and the life you are experiencing. Allowing me to understand the joys, and fears of your own nature. Chinese Medicine is a medical knowing of the body, mind, emotion, and a therapist of Chinese Medicine is skilled at assisting the body holism for maintaining health, and restoring health. We take our client relationship to a whole new level as practitioners that empower wholeness, balance, Yin and Yang, and the colors of your life by understanding the Five Elements. This is important when choosing a practitioner

Scosha Diamond RAc, ITh

Scosha Diamond is an Indigenous Therapist who practices in Clayton Park, Enfield, & Cole Harbour. Therapies practiced are Acupuncture, Acupressure Medical Massage, Cupping Massage, YNSA Scalp Acupuncture, Cold Low-Level Laser, LED Light, Reiki(Chinese Medicine Foundations), Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies, Art Abstract, and Medicine Cards. She is accepting new clients.