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    Covid-19 Update

     This is a troubling time for most people and there is a lot of uncertainly. It has been recommended from the CMAAC association for practitioners to close practice, and now Nova Scotia government has decided Acupuncture and TCM practice is non-essential. We have decided to add extra restrictions – no in person clients during the pandemic - Nova Scotia is in state of emergency – although I work with one client at a time, don’t gather in social group more than 5. I will not allow myself or my client to get a fine for addressing health, so I am suggesting distant treatments, which are equally effective. I will be offering remote reiki, reiki sharing/teachings and (TCM)consultations via Zoom. Clients can do a consultation via Zoom. Consultations will include recommendation for food, herbs for cooking, acupressure points to do daily, Tai Chi suggestions, mindfulness practices and meditations, also Bach flower recommendation, with possible mail out ear seeds, and Bach flower tinctures. If a person has a tens machine I can also provide guidance on length of time to use and where to use according to your case based on TCM knowledge. We encourage you to take advantage of our Distance Reiki.

    Traditional Chinese medicine with prescription

    Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the oldest medicines in the world. A holism approach to body, mind, & emotion, giving you a connection to the earth, sun, and moon. Chinese Medicine regenerates the bodies natural self-healing abilities and is certainly a medicine of prevention.

    We have 3 locations for your convenience. This is your health take control and contact us today. Invest in your health.

       Enigma (Clayton Park) Tuesday 6 am-5 pm & Friday Noon- 9 pm

       Enfield  Monday & Thursday Noon -8 pm

      Vibe Energy Wednesday 10- 8 pm

    Cancellation/no-show fee may apply*

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